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Video – The Millennials


Inside Bordertown, World Cup Fever and Goodbye From Me

A lot of people have been asking me how the whole Bordertown story came together. The following vid lets you in on some of the secrets behind the story.

Also I am going to be taking a two week holiday away from work and blogging which will be nice. In the last 12 months I have released a book, recorded an audio book, created a new DVD resource, done multiple radio spots, countless blog posts, stacks of talks, and preached most sundays. So I am looking forward to having two weeks in which I don’t have to develop and deliver content. Instead I will be consuming the content of the FIFA world cup. Of course last time I watched the world cup it ended up in the Trouble with Paris. For those who know the story from the book it was kind of like this vid but with forty people rather than six.

So can we beat the deutsche nationalmannschaft? My heart says yes but my head says no. Hopefully a win against the Ghanians and a sneaky draw against the Serbs should get us through ala last time.

I think my second team will be the Kiwis in a show of Anzac solidarity. Also am intrigued by the mystery that is North Korea. I can’t wait for the mayhem, madness and majesty of Diego Armando Maradona leading the Argentines to either victory or apocalypse. For the upset of the tournament I have had a feeling about the USA vs England game. Best coach since 66, Best Team since 66, Best group since the Beatles, Worst sporting psychology on the planet. Can see the US repeating history with a one nil victory. And for the winner Espana!

See you all in a couple of weeks!

Heaven Minus God

Interesting interview by satirist Stephen Colbert of Newsweek Religion Editor Lisa Miller about her book on Heaven. For me the most interesting bit was from 5:18 when she spoke how popular culture has retained a belief in heaven minus God, thus in our individualist culture, paradise has been turned into a playground of the individual rather than a place to worship God eternally. Watch here

Robot Ministers

Fellow Ministers, Pastors and Priests, we knew it would happen sooner or later, soon we will be made redundant by Japanese Robot Fairy Priests. The Times Reports

Yesterday, under the soft morning sun in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park, Japan’s obsession with robots took another giant leap into the absurd as a mechanised priestess joined two people in matrimony. It was both a romantic and static affair, possibly the first wedding where the official had self-illuminating eyeballs and required a supply of 100V DC to stay upright.

Conducting the ceremony in a white breastplate, plastic pigtails and floral tiara, I-Fairy charmed her way through proceedings with a voice somewhere between Minnie Mouse and the extermination-threat of a Dalek.

Read Full Story Here

A New Kind of Church

Edgy young transition guy, graphic tee, cool glasses, Hebrew tattoo? Is this the best Christian satire ever or people chucking stones? You watch and decide. (H.T. Matt B)

Wild Thing Parable

I have blogged about I love Pinatas before. They are a bunch of modern day parables in the form of short animated videos. This one is a parable about the church. It is creative, clever and absolutely brilliant. Check it out here.

Pope vs Spider

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