Well…I have Moved to A New Blog

Well it is an auspicious day. I have moved blogs, which is a bit sad because I like this one, but it was getting a bit crazy with all of the different web presences I have. The new site brings together my blog, my author site, the Uber site and the Red Church into one entity. Its a lot easier. We are still having some teething problems with the podcasts which a lot of you have been keen for me to get up again, but it will be fixed soon.

Also the sad thing is that I can’t move across the subscribers from this site, so if you have subscribed here you have to subscribe again on the new site which is quite easy, just click on the sidebar on the right. Often bloggers give away books or gifts to people for subscribing on new site when they move blogs. Instead of giving away books, I am going to humiliate myself for your amusement by posting a photo that I have been trying to hide from the world for years, It is of me in Venice aged sixteen and trying to look like Morrissey from the Smiths, your laughter at my expense will be your reward. If we get to 200 subscribers moving from this site the pic will go up.

Ok time to move across, there is a new article there provocatively entitled ‘Is Religion the New sex?’ for you to read, plus an amazing picture of me sitting at a collapsable table drinking water from three cups at once, it will change your life! Come across here 

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I am an author and speaker who specialises in interpreting popular culture from a Christian viewpoint. I am the Senior Leader of Red Church based in Box Hill, Melbourne. As well as being the creative director of Uber Ministries. View all posts by marksayers

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